Phillips Pinewood Mulch has been serving the communities of Kansas City and the Midwest region of America for nearly 30 years.

Our Company

Because of our many years of experience and relationships developed over that time we are able to offer our customers the greatest variety of natural mulch products available. We manufacture our products from fresh eco-sources and use virgin hardwood as the base component for all of our mulch products. We avoid raw material inputs in our manufacturing process that would originate from forest refuse, yard waste, or manufactured wood products.

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Featured Playground Surface Products

Please take a few minutes to look at our engineered playground surface products. We are very excited to offer products that have gone through stringent laboratory testing. This ensures maximum safety for our children when the playground product is installed at a proper depth.

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Our Certificates

Our natural wood fiber mulch products have been tested and meet the requirements set forth for both impact rating and wheelchair accessibility as set forth in:

ASTM F1292-04
ASTM F1292-08

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